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Car Care Tips:
  • Be sure all your lights are clean and working, including brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers.
  • Check brake fluid monthly
  • Check the air filter every other month. Replace it when it's dirty or as a part of tune-up
  • Check the antifreeze/coolant level weekly.
  • Check transmission fluid monthly with engine warm and running and parking brake on.
  • Inspect belts and hoses monthly. Replace worn, glazed of frayed belts.
  • Keep tires inflated to recommended pressure.
  • Keep windshield washer fluid reservoir full.
  • To maintain peak performance, change oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first.
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Why service a car?
Here are four benefits of servicing your vehicle:

- Saves money. Servicing maintains your fuel efficiency, replaces components before they fail and reduces your chance of having a breakdown – preventatively saving you money.

- Improves safety. Servicing also includes dozens of safety checks, helping to identify and replace any worn parts and keeping critical components like the suspension, steering, seatbelts and braking systems working.

- Increases longevity. A consistently serviced engine will last longer than a neglected one.

- Retains resale value. A car with a full-service history is more attractive to used vehicle buyers.
Basic car safety checklist

Seatbelts: check tension and belt buckle operation

External Lights: replace bulbs if necessary

Handbrake: ensure that it can hold the vehicle on a slope

Windscreens & mirrors: check windscreens and mirrors for cracks

Windscreen wipers: check wear on wiper blades, replace if necessary

Horn: ensure this works

Fluids: check engine oil and engine coolant levels

Tires: ensure tyres are at the correct pressures, check treadwear

Spare tire & jack: ensure they are operational, check toolkit

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